Tuesday, October 28, 2008


my favorite people
Christian throwing mud (probably at Isaac)

Andy & Ava at the park

Christian & Isaac

the family pool

heading to the lake at the sand dunes

Andy taking Addie out on a date


the merriest said...

you guys are hot. every stinkin one of you.

the merriest said...

hey wait...you aren't in any of those pics. that is one sure fire way to make this post even hotter!!!!

kristofer and corrine said...

love the pictures!! I miss summer already! If you want to get together to talk about the camera I am good Thursday day, until 6pm or Saturday after 4 pm or Sunday any time. Sorry Life is CRAZY!!! :) just call me or leave me a message on my blog. :)

Beth A said...

Family time is the best time! You have the cutest family.

The Collins Five said...

Cute pictures. Your kids are so photogenic.

Leslie said...

I remember when my dad took me on a date a time or two...No better times! Addie's a lucky lady!