Friday, May 7, 2010


My sister Kristi and her husband Craig are hoping to adopt a child into their family. We want to spread the word if anyone knows of someone who may be placing a baby. For more information you can view their blog at
Thank you!
Hoping to Adopt

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today, Andy blessed Jake at church. We felt so blessed to have so many family members to join and support us in these special moments in our life, Craig and Kristi, Jeff and Mary, Stan and Kim, Rachel, Mitch and Leslie, Matt and Chalene, and all of their cute kids! It turned out to be such a wonderful day! It also happened to be the annual primary program at church so that was fun to see, the kids did a great job. We all went to the park afterwards and had a yummy lunch and the kids, once again, got to play with their cousins. (I don't think there is anything my kids love more than to be with their cousins!) What a memorable day for us!


(picture Isaac took of us at the Teton Dam)


Our little Jake has quickly turned into our big Jake! His 9 week check up he weighed 17 pounds! No wonder my back hurts!! He has been nothing but a pleasant baby though! He is very entertained by all the commotion around our house and seems happy to be along for the ride. We can't get enough of him!

Jacob's first haircut- BEFORE



This year for Harvest break, I decided to take the kids down to Utah to spend time with my sisters, Tori and Kristi. My kids had a lot of fun hanging out with their cousins for the week. We ended up going to a dollhouse exhibit down in Provo, followed by seeing the "Bean" museum on the BYU campus, it is basically a slew of taxadermied animals. It was quite interesting and the kids were pretty fascinated. We went to Thanksgiving point and went on pony rides. We later went up to Salt Lake to see Stan and Kim and their girls along with Rachel and her girls. Andy also came down with Jeff and Mary. We were sure glad to see him again! We also got to attend the baby blessing of Matt and Chalene's baby, Charlie. All in all, it was a wonderful, refreshing week!

Christian with the Liger

all of the kids togetherThis was cool, it was a giant butterfly made out of all kinds of little butterflies.These girls love to pretend they are twins. They get so excited if they have any matching clothes.

Ava all dressed up and no place to go.
Justin and Ava trying to get a closer look.
Ava's first pony ride.She was concentrating very hard!Addie loved it!

Friday, October 2, 2009


We didn't know if we were going to get very many tomatoes this year because we planted a little late but suddenly we had more than enough. The only plans we have with planting tomatoes is to make our yummy salsa. We have made 6 batches of our homemade salsa. It is delicious!

Friday, September 18, 2009


So, when I get online to update my blog, I end up whithering away my little window of time looking at my hotmail or facebook, therefore, my blog ends up neglected. My lovely friend, Meredith, has been so kind as to point out that it update!
Thanks and I hope this makes up for my lameness!

Jake just started smiling lately

Ava tried to get herself a bowl of Golden Grahams, can you say, 'greedy'?

**(Andy don't look)**

I got in the van to do a little tidying and found Ava's melted strawberry milkshake, I was wondering where it had disappeared to.

Jake was crying so I asked Addie to bring him to me, so she brings me him, Ava, and his bassinet.
Jacob's cute little jacket my friend gave him

I discovered that Ava made herself her first PB&J. She must have got tired of waiting for her breakfast.

Isaac fell off of his bike and got a huge fat lip (he is wearing his mouthgaurd in this picture)

Ava came out of my room all decked out in my makeup, fancy girl!


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Here are some of the happenings at our place since Jacob was born. Some other events include going to the drive-in to see Aliens in the Attic, meeting G'ma & G'pa Christian, the Peters, the Wests, & the Rennakers. Life doesn't slow down at our house, infact we are heading out for Nevada tomarrow. We'll keep you posted!

meeting Aunt Lexi

meeting Grandpa Clark

Sunday dinners at Grandma & Grandpa Zollingers
going on a family hike

the whole family on our first hike with Jake

added to the family tree the kids made

learning to tolerate baths

admired by the neighbor kids

playing the Wii with dad

Christian loves to carry him around the house

meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Feigleson

taking naps with dad

getting to be held for about 30 seconds before getting passed to the next kid

Jake's second hike up to the wind caves

Monday, August 3, 2009


HOSPITAL PICTURESone last pregnancy picturein labor, i wanted to die! I couldn't even crack a smile! Ahhh, he is here!

Andy holding himmy sister Kristi, came up to spend time with us

At last, our baby is here! On July 7th, around 6:30 pm, Jacob Zera Clark, was born. He was 9 lbs. 4 oz. and 21 in. long. I was scheduled to be induced on the 8th but went into labor the day before. This made it a little complicated to try to find people to watch the kids at the last minute but wonderful friends stepped right in and helped us out. Mary took me in to get checked around 9:00 am and sure enough I was in labor and making progress. Dr Z. (aka: Jeff) said to head up to the hospital around noon and get checked in. So Andy came home from work and we got the kids off to where they needed to be and headed up to the hospital. Well apparently July has been a very busy month for them with babies being born. It was similar to when you go to Dairy Queen and tell them what you want and they give you a number and then, "NEXT". Anyway, I eventually got to where I needed to be and was moving right along. I called my sister Kristi, who was planning on coming up the next day, and she quickly rearranged her schedule and came up here to be with us. She was a huge help and we are so thankful to her for coming here! Meanwhile, I decided to try going natural, mostly out of curiosity (at this point I wish I had known how big he was going to be!) It wasn't too unbearable until the point of no return and then I realized why someone created the ever so dreamy 'epidural'. Oh how I love the epidural!!! All in all, my curiosity has been cured. Did I mention how much I love epidurals?! Well, our little, I mean big Jacob is here and we are crazy about him! All of the kids love him and it has been so fun to have him in our home. There is something so special about having a new baby in your home. They are so fresh from heaven and you can so strongly sense that about them. We are so grateful to have Jacob in our family!!