Friday, July 25, 2008


This has turned to be a very busy summer but it sure has been fun. In the past week, the kids went to the dentist and there were NO cavities!! phew! Devin went back home, the kids were sad to see him go. we'll sure miss him, he has been great company to have around and such big help for me! We took the kids to a chukars game. It isn't as much fun with a one year old who is mobile but the other kids liked it. It probably had a little to do with the back pack full of candy. The kids got Chukars T-shirts and had 'Charlie Chukar' sign it. Addie is not so sure about the giant Chukar though. The past few days my sister Kristi has been here and this is always a treat. Andy was so wonderful and watched the kids for us while we went to IF for the afternoon/night. We (and lil' JZ) went shopping and ate out at Texas Roadhouse and then out for more shoppping. Thank you again Andy, a night out can do wonders for a mom, you are awsome!!!


Lehi Harmers said...

I came across your blog about a week ago, and then I couldn't find it are you?!
You are still just gorgeous. What beautiful children and your pictures--wow. I'm not suprised, you always had an eye for things... I had no idea where you guys ended up. Are you in Rexburg then? Well send me an email( and I will link you into my blog...ugh, if you want to see it :)
I'm so excited to hear from you and to catch up. What an incredibly small world.

Noel (Bennett) Harmer

Rachel said...

what the heck is a chuker anyway???
lynne, you are gorgeous. and that andy did turn out to be a nice feller didn't he?? i just love you guys so much.

Andy and Lynne said...

you guys are very kind, thanks

JT42 said...

you are a busy woman! :) everyone looks happy and it sounds like they are all healthy, at least with teeth ;)
you look great!

Mary Z said...

What a fun summer! Here is a dot on your map from Columbia!