Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Savannah pushed Addie in the stroller for quite a while
Ava trying out some cookie dough ice cream
the double mint twins
Lily & Addie waiting for dinner
little Joseph
Kristi, Justin, & Savannah on the train

Savannah & Addie on their first ride
Savannah and Addie cruising in their sweet boat
Joseph taking little Joseph on his first ride, 'Puff'
Addie wanted Aunt Leslie to take her on 'Puff'

We met up at Lagoon with the Leslie, Joseph, Little Joseph, baby Elizabeth, Craig, Kristi, Savannah, Justin, Rachel , Ana, & Lily. We went there to celebrate Addie's 4th birthday. Rachel took the 4 older kids to go to the big rides while we stayed with the younger ones and took turns getting them on rides while some stayed with the babies. It sure is different when you go as a parent instead of going as a kid. It is a lot of work keeping track of everyone. We took a break and strolled over to Pioneer Village to relax and eat ice cream. This place sure brings back a lot of great memories!!


SUZAN said...

FUN! I agree that Lagoon is a totally different experience as a parent. It can be a little overwhelming... sounds like Rachel scored getting to take off with the big kids!

Stephanie said...

we haven't even attemped lagoon since having jackson! Wow Ava is so big!!! The last time I saw her was justins blessing, I guess that was like 6 months ago!

Beth A said...

Wow! Ava is so big and beautiful. What a fabulous birthday weekend for her.

Kristi said...

Can I just add that the train is a very little train made for kids. I promise I am not a giant!