Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Grandma and Addie with her cake
the birthday girl
Everyone eating cake & ice cream
Addie opening her presents
Addie & Isaac setting up her doll house
Addie's cupcakes at the park
Addie's birthday pie at Grandma & Grandpa Clarks
Addie gets a birthday brownie at the Mason home

For Addie's birthday this year, we were worried that it may get overlooked since her birthday was goig to be on Sunday and we had a lot planned for that day. We had planned to go to Utah and spent Friday at Lagoon. Then on Saturday night we had a picnic at the park with some of my sisters and their families. We had cupcakes and sang happy birthday to her, thinking we would do the actual celebration on Monday at home. Then on Sunday, her actual birthday, my sister, Leslie and her husband, Joseph, were blessing their daughter at his sisters home. After the blessing they had brownies and ice cream and they were so nice and all sang to her and Josephs mom put a candle in her brownie and sang again. She was very shy but later told me how much she loved it. On our way home, we stopped by Grandma & Grandpa Clark's home to visit. They brought out this dreamy key lime pie and then Kim grabbed a candle to put in Addie's slice and we sang to her again. Finally on Monday we did her party with Devin, Grandma & Grandpa Zollinger, Matt, Chalene, & Margot. This was such a great birthday for her, she loved every minute of it!! Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a special weekend for her!


Crabtree Family said...

You've been a busy women, but what a fun weekend. Happy Birthday to Addie, she is sooo cute, I love the pigtails. I dropped by to return something I have of yours, that I've had unintentionally for too long. I'll try again soon.

Stephanie said...

oh fun! I think she had a pretty great weekend of parties!

MZB said...

Grace said "We should have went to that".

Anonymous said...

What a fun, and busy, birthday! What a cute dollhouse.

Leslie said...

did you get her the "loving family" dollhouse??? i almost got that for my girls for christmas last year...it is so awesome!

Grant said...


Lynn you should be able to go on my blog now