Monday, October 22, 2007


The kids got shirts from Hawaii, thank you Uncle Craig and Aunt Kristi
My sister, Kristi, and her cute daughter, Savannah
Ava trying out her Halloween costume, the cutest flower I've ever seen!
This weekend my sister, Tori and I wanted to have a baby shower for my other sister Kristi who is due to have a baby boy on Nov 19th. We are so excited for their family! We went to a place called Mimi's Cafe and had lunch. It was fun to get together with the Colyar girls and spoil Kristi. She seems all ready for this baby to come. He sure will be quite the stylin' little guy. His bedroom is done up very cute! Craig and Kristi just moved to American Fork from Dallas and are getting settled into their new home. The best part for Craig is that they moved in 2 doors down from Bronco Mendenhall (BYU's head football coach). Craig is a huge BYU ftball fan! They have a lovely house and they live about 3 minutes from my sister Tori, so that is wonderful! It was great to spend the weekend with my sisters, staying up until 3:30 talking and especially the Krispy Kreme doughnut taste test (we got 2 dozen variety K.K. doughnuts and so we could decide which is the best one, 52,000 calories later, we all concluded the basic chocolate covered dogughnut was our favorite! The sacrifices you have to make to find these things out!) My boys on the other hand had their own party this weekend. Basically you can sum it up with ...Pizza, Playstation, Sleeping, Movies, and Golf. Andy said that he took them out to eat at Gringo's and the waitress came over and asked if there was anything else she could get them and when she turned around Christian said,'How about a backrub?' Anyway, we all had a good time. Thanks for a great weekend!


MZB said...

I wish kristy well with the new addition.What a fun weekend, I would have to get my gallbladder out if I ate all those doughnuts!

SUSAN said...

yummmm! Chocolate iced Krispy Kremes are one of my favorite things on earth, for sure, now I am totally craving them too, thanks a lot!
Ava is definetly the cutest flower I have ever seen!!! and by the way, I LOVE her name. It is very pretty

Leslie said...

Can't say I know what a chocolate covered K.K. doughnut tastes like. But it sure sounds good! How awesome that Kristy is almost due to deliver a baby!

And AVA!!!!! Aaaaahhh! I can't take it! That is by far the CUTEST flower on this planet!

rachel said...

hey! don't ever have one of those contests again without me!

can i die over ava?!

lily says: she is so so so cute in that costume and i want to eat her up.

ana says: i agree she IS really cute

Mary Z said...

Cute flower costume. We will be home for onceon Halloween. Cannot wait to see her and the rest in costumes. See you soon when we get home form Peru.