Monday, October 8, 2007


notice the strawberry shortcake candle addie put on
andy took this of ava

for my birthday, andy gave me a new lens for my camera so i took a picture of one of the first gifts he gave to me. thanks andy, they were both great choices!

I just love this time of year! The colors, the smell in the air, my birthday(i love getting older!-rachel), and all the holidays are just around the corner. I was starting to feel a little jipped when the snow came on saturday but now it is beautiful again...aaahhhh-I'm lovin' it!


Leslie said...

Lynne, you are looking amazing in all of these photos. Everything about you is just beautiful.

And Addie, just like her mommy!

crazyclarks said...

you are so nice, feel free to leave comments ANYTIME! thanks!

rachel said...

you are such a hot tamale!! i love the shirt. i have it in blue but i am loving that one. good thing you are so hot so that you'll still be hot with wrinkles!!!

barbchuck said...

I just love these pictures of you and the girls! You are all beautiful. The background really adds a lot. How did you do it? Chuck and I are just learning to blog, but you'll have to check us out. So far, we are just sharing our trip.