Friday, March 6, 2009


So ever since 'someone' broke our last camera we have been having camera problems. Our new camera works fine but the memory card is making me want to pull my hair out! At first the card just went wacky on us and 'died', we couldn't rerieve any of the pictures and lost everything that was on that card. So I went out to get another card and there was a sale going on that the 4 GB card cost the same as the 1 GB card so of course I opt for the 4GB. We took a bunch of pictures and went to load them onto the laptop but...nothing. We reformatted the card and still, nothing. Come to find out that our 4 yr old laptop can't process that much information so we went back to the store and got a smaller card, 2 GB, took some pictures and the same outcome...nothing. At this point I am pregnant and not up to dealing with anything that is going to cause me to move. So here we are still in the same boat, with no pictures. I think that posts without pictures are boring so I will be posting some oldies for now until I give in and add to my memory card collection that I have started. Better yet at this point, I think I will sell all of these memory cards and buy myself a brand new computer that can handle my 4GB memory card!!!

(almost one year ago)

FYI: I am going to try posting every Friday. Since I am private now, I realize that I don't get updated on peoples blog roles so I don't want you to keep checking when there is nothing new.


Meredith Wilcox said...

Thank you for the update. Sorry I harass you about it. Sorry about your memory card problems, too. You're right, you should just get a new computer! :)

Dacia said...

What a bummer about your memory cards. You should just come over here with the card and download all your pics to a disk! Love the picture, even if it's old :)

Beth said...

Take a deeeeeep breath and move forward. Whether it's a new computer or more memory cards you will get through this and some day you will be able to look back and laugh at all the frustrations of a silly memory card. The picture of the kids is adorable.
Hugs and Kisses