Monday, September 8, 2008


Christian in front of a covered wagon
Addie didn't want to walk so she found this little spot to hang out
Isaac in front of a 'really cool' ship
'The Christus'
We went to Salt Lake for the weekend to attend our niece, Lily's baptism. We were going to head back home on Sunday but before we left I wanted to get a family picture by the temple we got married in. Mary and Jeff were kind enough to come with us and take pictures, so I will put some of those pictures on after I get them. When we got done taking the last picture next to one of the water fountains, we turned around and Ava fell into the water. It was pretty funny to watch. We went over to the Conference Center to show the kids where they will be doing General Conference, we ende up doing a tour of the building which is pretty amazing. They have these gardens on the roof of the building, they were beautiful. Then we went over to Church History Museum, Christian has been wanting to go there really bad. He had been reading a lot about the pioneers and wanted to be able to see some of the actual artifacts. Then Andy wanted to show the kids the Christus before we left. There is always such a strong Spirit in that room when you go there. I love this church and I am so grateful and blessed that I have this knowledge in my life. I hope I can pass all of this on to my children as my parents have for me. This gospel has brought so much joy into my life, I love our Heavenly Fathers plan and I am grateful that I can feel His love in my life. He is truly a merciful, loving God, I can see it in the little things in my life, if I will just stop and look for them, they are all around!


Lewis Family said...

What a beautiful testimony. We're excited to see those family pictures--Ava knows how to time it right!:)


Rachel said...

don't be such a babe all the time lynne.

thanks so much for coming down. it is always such a pleasure to see you guys.


Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

The picture with you guys standing under the statue,,,, I love addie and ava's faces!!! You look so good!!! MIss you guys!

Dacia said...

Such a funny story about poor Ava falling in the water! My kids always sit in the stroller basket too!

Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

Lynne I just have to tell you, every time I come to your site I start craving cup cakes!!! We dont have any "specialty" shops around here that do cup cakes!!! The only cup cakes are either home made, or 'not so good' ones from the grocery store!!! I need to find some place to get good tasty cup cakes from!!!

Stephanie said...

I love temple square. that is where we were married too. There is just something about the salt lake temple that I love so much. PS I found a gourmet cupcake place here in american fork... when i ate there it made me think of you!

page2 said...

how fun that you guys got to drive over Bear Tooth Pass. It is truly gorgeous. We drove over it once. But I have a problem with heights, and Adam wanted to stop the car and look around at a few places, but I wouldn't stop the car. I know it's not rational, but I was afraid of my kids falling down the mountain. I was holding onto that steering wheel with white knuckles and was in a cold sweat until we were down the other side. I know it's irrational, but it's me. I even get scared driving down the mountain to Bear Lake.