Thursday, September 4, 2008


leaving the hotel in Billings to head up the pass
Addie is on top of the world!
part way up the pass
the kids cooperating for one second

Isaac on top of the mountain. There were lakes everywhere.

The kids in front of an amazing Yellowstone waterfallAddie & Isaac were fascinated with the statues all over West Yellowstone

Andy was going to Billings for a prebid and we thought it would be fun to all go together since the trip there and back is so beautiful. It was a really great 2 days, we are glad we decided to do it! I had heard about how beautiful the Beartooth Pass was but I was still blown away at the beauty. (being a native to Alaska, that is saying a lot!!) As we came down from the pass we went through Yellowstone. We had never gone through the park on that side, so it was neat to see other sights that were new to us. Half way through, Ava threw up and she didn't hold anything back! Fortunetly we were pulling up to a gas station at the same time so we were able to get it all taken care of non-pioneer style! All in all, it was well worth the time to go and we hope to do it again.


Rachel said...

i can't believe andy would hold that little girl up like that. sheesh. he should be imprisoned.


MZB said...

What a fun get-a-way for the Fam, You still haven't come over the Boise. You are welcome any time. bring your golf clubs and get ready for a good time!

Dacia said...

Great pics, looks like fun.

I noticed Sunday that Christian got his haircut. He told us that his mom "forced" him to :) I had to do the same with Ethan when he's became a mop. I really think he was trying to grow it out like Christian.