Thursday, April 10, 2008


a morning Easter egg hunt before gettingt ready for the show
grabbing some food before the show
intermission, more sugar please
the grand finale

My sisters and I are always thinking up any excuse to get together. We saw that the Disney on ice show was coming to Salt Lake so it sounded fun to get us and our little girls together for a girls weekend. The girls got decked out in their dress up clothes and we had fun at the show, it was actually pretty good. Then we took the girls to Gardner Village to the candy shop and the little girls had sugar on a stick and the big girls had A LOT of yummy fudge. All and all the weekend was very fun and like always it was over too soon. Maybe we can see if there's a monster truck show soon, the girls are into that, right?!


MZB said...

What a fun girls trip! Love the shoes Addie. Grace would love that trip.

Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

What a fun trip!!! And I WISH we were moving to rexburg!!!!!! It's kinda sad, at the beginning of his job, I thought there was a huge chance we were find something in rexburg and move back,,, but there are so many huge company jobs here, that I dont think we will ever move :( rexburg is our first choice though :) If I ever head up to Salt Lake, I will call that will give you one more reason to get together with your sister!! I come see me too!!!!

Beth A said...

Beautiful Princess. What a fun day for all of you.

rachel said...

wow, talk about DREAMY for those little girls!!!!

have i ever mentioned that i LOVE adalyn? ew, she's so delectable!

Kirsti said...

Thanks for the invite!! I know I have boys, but I do own some princess dresses of my own, well not really, but I do have a wedding dress that needs to get some more use.

page2 said...

What pretty princesses! I'm glad you guys got to do that. I'll bet it was a princess convention at the arena that day. I'm looking forward to doing some fun girl stuff like that with Jane when she's a little older.