Wednesday, April 23, 2008


#1-So since it isn't nice to point fingers, I won't mention any names but a certain someone in our house has dropped 2 cameras in the past year and broke them both! I really need to invest in a kids camera! So I am again cameraless which in turn makes my posts not quite as interesting.
#2- I have been sick with an awful head cold going on 5 weeks now. I didn't even think this kind of thing happened in this day in age. I kept thinking surely I was on the tail end of this misery when the next morning all the symptoms would start to come back. I finally thought, enough is enough, I have got to get back to my old life, so I went to the doctor (of course, my favorite doctor is in Paraguay at the moment). So hopefully things will start to clear up for good this time. How grateful I am for my health!!!
#3- Today Addie hit her mouth on a stool and now her front tooth is wiggly. The dentist said, if left alone with no pressure, the tissue should harden around it and it will be fine. The problem is, Addie sucks her thumb ALL the time. We have been thinking it is getting time to help her stop this habit but now it is in full force. So all day I have been wrapping her thumb in bandaids and tape. She isn't quite on board with the idea and keeps sneaking off to pull off the tape. So when you see Addie next and the tissue has hardened around her tooth but her tooth is protruding straight'll know why.


Leslie said...

aaargh sounds about right! you poor poor girl. bummer about the cameras and the cold. i was going to guess it was andy that kept dropping the cameras until you mentioned you needed to get a "kids" camera. or is that the joke? :)
also, if you need moral support with the thumb, call me. i know all about the ins and outs. it took about 6 hard months to get ella to kick it for good. get a glove for nighttime and an arsenal of bandaids, tape and treats for the day time! good luck!

Andy & Lynne said...

thank you for the advise!

Kirsti said...

wowza...sounds like fun!! I hope you start feeling better, and poor Addie and her tooth I hope it all works out. Maybe Kristi has some tips on that thumb sucking....her stories about doing it are hilarious!

Mary Z said...

Sorry to hear you are still sick. We just landed on American Soil. Will check with you tonight. AARRGGHH on the camera. Not your good one I hope.