Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Here is my family with my wonderful Aunt Janice, it was always a huge treat when she would come to visit, she would spoil us rotten! She is still just as sweet! This was around 1983.
Here we are with our new baby cousin Asha (Aunt Janice's daughter), we were on one of our famous road trips from Alaska to Nevada. 1986
Here we are again with Asha, note that Page is playing with a snake we caught and kept in a shoe box in the suburban(my poor mother!)


rachel said...

great photos!

Kirsti said...

You guys all look like super stars! I just love old photo's...as long as I'm not in them, too may bad hair day's in my past. Good times!

Beth said...

The 80's were a great time! I'll have to dig out some old memories one of these days.

Leslie said...

was that your family or the brady bunch????