Monday, December 31, 2007


The long awaited Christmas day finally arrived, the kids were beside themselves! Santa brought the boys more Star Wars ships, Addie got the Strawberry Shortcake baby she just had to have and Ava got baby toys. Yipee!


Leslie said...

but what did you get?

looks like santa dropped off a huge load! what fun chairs, are they for the basement?

i have been dying for an update and new pictures. those kids are still adorable as ever.

barbchuck said...

This is the first time I have seen your home. I love the big windows and I also love the tile floor. What a lot of presents! Santa was busy!

Kristi said...

Your kids must have been VERY GOOD! I might just have to have lots of kids so Christmas morning can look like this at my house without spoiling just 2 kids.

The TV looks nice from what I can see. I'm sure it is fantastic!

Beth said...

Adalynn is stylin' in the shades. Cutie

big G said...