Monday, November 5, 2007


Isaac and his buddy were both Robin for Halloween
Ava trying to eat some candy....sorry kid, I guess mom will have to eat it for you!

first stop, the other side of our twin home
going to the school carnival, this year Christian was a knight, Isaac was Robin(again!), Addie was a pumpkin (or as she says, a pumpkin pie), ans Ava was a sweet flower.


rachel said...

please expose isaac's love of the robin costume for the world...

Leslie said...

Pumpkin Pie????????

That is sooooo precious! The kids look great. You've got an adorable brood.

Kristi said...

Where did you get such an adorable flower costume for Ava?!? All your kids are so cute. I am so glad you'll be visiting soon so I can spend some time with them.