Sunday, November 4, 2007


Grandma telling the grandkids stories

Some of great grandmas grandkids
Uncle George taking control of unruly boys. christian and isaac kept trying to sneak up and give him wet willys so he tackled both of them and showed them whos boss.

We had an enjoyable sunday afternoon getting to visit Debbie, George, Judy, Frank , Julie, and Grandma Polly. Rachel, Ana, and Lily were there too. It was nice to see all of them and catch up on everything. They are wonderful people.


SUSAN said...

I haven't seen Grandma Polly in years!! It was great to see her cute face. Tell those guys I said hi if they are still there!!!

Off the subject, but I HAVE to know about those Ragety Ann and Andy dolls in the background of that last picture... I had those exact dolls before the mudslide... I have many pictures with them... I loved them... It is tripping me out to see the same dolls in such great shape. Where did you get them?

Drew and Valarie's Family Blog said...

Clark Family!!! You are sooooo cute!!!!!! I love seeing all the new pictures!! And the family pictures are beautiful! Keep updating!!!! I wish we could come and see you, who knows what the future will bring, but hopefully our paths will cross!!! I miss you!!


Leslie said...

oh, i am so sad that i couldn't be there with you all. i was supposed to be in rexburg this weekend....darn! but i did run into liz tonight at the ski swap. so, that was a close second for family fun!

crazyclarks said...

this was actually at aunt debbies house but i asked her about the dolls too. she said a lady in florida made them, she got them off of ebay. so check it out, maybe you could find some.

Beth said...

Sweet Grandma Polly, gotta love her. I have so many fond memories from the days when my mom and Polly hung out together. Thanks for sharing.