Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So Andy and I watched a show with Dr. Memmett Oz and lets just say that Andy and I are very motivated to eat healthier. It was a real eye opener. My motto on cooking has changed, it is no longer "the more processed the better" . it will take more work but we owe it to our Maker who gave us these wonderful bodies.

We tried this qualifying recipe last night and it was a hit with all of us.

It is Barilla spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and basil...

1 box 'barilla' thin spaghetti

2 Tbs olive oil

1 clove garlic

2 cups cherr tomatoes(halved)


1 Tbs fresh basil, chopped

1/2 c. shredded parmesean

Cook pasta, meanwhile, heat olive oil and garlic in a large skillet until garlic is golden. Add cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper. Cook for 2 minutes. Drain pasta nad add to skillet mixture. Add basil and toss over med heat for 1 minute. sprinkle cheese over each serving.


crazyclarks said...

I dont remember this picture Lynne. Who is the fat guy hanging out with my family? Maybe we should get him hooked up with Dr. Oz also. ;)

Leslie Clark Hurst said...

lynne- it sounds delicious!
but, do you mean to tell me that your kids ate it TOO? i think my kids would look down their nose at big chunks of tomato and basil in their pasta.
we will give it a try though. good job on the new goal for healthy eating! that must mean MCDONALD'S is out!

Rachel, et al said...

yeah lynne! does this mean no more "canned" burritos or whatever the name was, where every ingredient besides the tortillas required a can opener?!

i am going to post the oz vid on the new food blog when i get a minute. i am so stoked for you. i needed some motivation and you've given it to me!

seeing your kids makes me want to cry. addie looks older, more wise. ew, i love them!

and lynne, where is your family?!! charles, kristy, i KNOW you're out there. come out of the closet. leave a comment. start a blog. ew, christian family newsletter online version. i can see it now and it will only take me half the time to read it (i haven't completely mastered charles's handwriting)!!

Rachel, et al said...

p.s. i DO read it. lynne always let me read it before it got filed. loved it.

Rochelle said...

Andy!!! Holy freak! You have 4 kids? My how time marches on. Thought I'd give you guys a little shout out. Say hi to Vanessa for me(can't remember her last name) I hope she is still going out with my uncle J.D......TTYL!

MZB said...

Sounds good! I will have to make two versions one with tomatoes one without for the men of the house. Two years of tomatoes in brazil ruined him.

Rachel, et al said...

hey lynne, that photographer that you like...she will be in idaho sometime this month. e-mail her if you want to set something up.