Saturday, September 29, 2007


I had put Ava down for a nap when a little while later thought I could hear talking coming from her room, sure enough Isaac and Addie had decided to join her and they were trying to all have a nap together. Sorry Ava, I guess this is what comes when your the 4th child with adoring sibilings.
Ava gets a new view of her world.
These cheeks almost look painful!


Rachel, et al said...

soo cute! did you beat ikey and addie or kiss them? it would have been a painful decision for me.

her cheeks look painful and check out the volume in those lips!

Mary Z said...

People pay good money for plump lips and cheeks. But you are right, it would be hard to smile if you had to move all of that cheek mass. So cute!

Leslie said...

ADORABLE!!!! How darn cute of those three in the crib together. Life is precious and short. That was sweet, thanks for sharing.

SUSAN said...

Hi guys! That is so sweet! Ava is sooooo adorable! You guys are such a cute family. I love to see pictures since I haven't gotten to see you all in forever!

khepworth said...

Lynne and Andy- I'm just blog linking from Rachel's blog and thought I would say hi!

Your little family is so cute! Love all the pictures. Looks like you guys are having fun in Rexburg town.

Lynne, I always knew you were funny, but you reconfirmed it with your comment on Rachel's blog about the circus. Hilarious!!!

Hope all is well. -Kanani

crazyclarks said...

hey kanani,
thanks for saying hi. i check out your blog all the time, hope you don't mind, i feel like i am snooping on other families. cute cute kids you have!