Wednesday, August 22, 2007


As some of you know, we don't have internet at our house so it can be an ordeal to keep up on this blog. Now that I have had the official tutorial on how to work this I was so motivated to come up to Jeff and Mary's to tell about my boys first day of school but I forgot to bring my camera up with me so I will have to put those on later.
Last night Andy gave both the boys a fathers blessing to get them prepared for the upcoming school year. Isaac had a grin on his face the entire blessing. Isaac was so anxious to start kindergarten. When Andy woke him up this morning he shouted, "Yes, my first day of school!" and jumped out of bed. Needless to say he loved it, he was also so excited to get to ride the sschool bus home. He said he was nervous that the bus driver would't know where his house was. We celebrated by going to McDonalds for lunch and then he picked out a cany necklace at the grocery store. Andy took both the boys out to golf tonight.
Christian started the 3rd grade today. I can't believe he is that old. He is growing up so fast. He was a little nervous to start school today since he heard that his teacher was very strict. He came home and said that she was very nice so I think he was relieved. He just earned his wolf badge in cub scouts at the last pack night along with about 100 other badges and pins, he loves scouts!
well, its just me and the girls at home now, so far so good. we'll see how the rest of the year goes!


Rachel, et al said...

ohhhhhhhhhh sooooo cute! i heart ikie.

Leslie said...

Okay, what is wrong with me? I am seriously tearing up right now. I don't know why that story of Ike and his first day of school pulled on my heart strings so much. I just love your kids and it is wonderful to be able to read about them on your blog.
I am apparently an emotional trainwreck at this juncture of my life.....