Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summer Pictures!

It has been a busy summer and I am not going to take the time to update everything so I am going to start with the past few weeks. The kids have finally finished swim lessons and their summer sports so our lives have begun to slow down. With the construction of the new homes and everything that has gone on this past year we have burned ourselves out and have decided that we will not take on any new projects this summer or fall. (Knock on wood) We have tried to spend more time together. The boys have found a new favorite activity.....Chuckars Baseball. If you are not familiar with the Chuchars, they are the Idaho Falls minor league baseball team. I am turning the blog over to Lynne so hopfully we will see more pictues and updates. We are excited for the fall and cool weather. We should be able to post some great pictures as fall always is beautifull and Lynne enjoys doing pictures outdoors during this time. Catch ya soon.


Mary Z said...

Now wasn't that easy. I will never tell anyone that this post took all evening to do!!!

Susan said...

I just want to say HI!!! I have been checking to see if there was anything new on here for a long time! It is great to see pictures of your DARLING family! I haven't seen you guys in forever!!! I am going to add you to my blog list and will check in often (if that's ok). Take care! Hope to see you soon!!!


Leslie said...

what up dude?
guess what...i live in idaho again. :(
ha ha. it was good to see your post, your kids (and wife) are so cute. the pic of addie and ava at sunset is SO precious. keep on posting. as soon as i figure out how to do it, i will too.
love ya!

Rachel, et al said...

yeah!!!! i was about to delete you from my blog roll for not producing!!! that picture of addie & ava is DEADLY!

how are my kids? thanks for helping me with them. you have no idea how long & boring my days are. i wish i was there to help!