Friday, September 18, 2009


So, when I get online to update my blog, I end up whithering away my little window of time looking at my hotmail or facebook, therefore, my blog ends up neglected. My lovely friend, Meredith, has been so kind as to point out that it update!
Thanks and I hope this makes up for my lameness!

Jake just started smiling lately

Ava tried to get herself a bowl of Golden Grahams, can you say, 'greedy'?

**(Andy don't look)**

I got in the van to do a little tidying and found Ava's melted strawberry milkshake, I was wondering where it had disappeared to.

Jake was crying so I asked Addie to bring him to me, so she brings me him, Ava, and his bassinet.
Jacob's cute little jacket my friend gave him

I discovered that Ava made herself her first PB&J. She must have got tired of waiting for her breakfast.

Isaac fell off of his bike and got a huge fat lip (he is wearing his mouthgaurd in this picture)

Ava came out of my room all decked out in my makeup, fancy girl!



Corrine said...

love it!! you seem to always be having fun over there!! ;)

Corrine said...

ps you can open your raw pics in photoshop.

Meredith Wilcox said...

Thank you. I'm glad to know that even if you don't post pictures very often that you are actually still taking them. I would hate for Jake to look for his childhood photos one day and find that his photographer Moomy hadn't taken any of him! :)

Stephanie said...

What cute kids! I hadn't seen the new baby yet! He is super cute! Good luck with all of the mischievous little kiddo's you have ;)

Kirsti said...

Looks like you and your kids have been very busy!! Jake is so darn cute.

Tiffany said...

jake is such a cutie and totally fits the "Clark" mold. Great pictures of the gang and especially Ava, oh where is Christian? He must be behaving, no news is good news right?

Dacia said...

You take some classic pictures! I love these kinds of pictures that show what a day in your life looks like.

Love that Eva is now a chef and doing a good job at it. Oh, and the milkshake! None of us has ever found mysterious food in the car before ;) Looks like fun cleaning that one up.

page2 said...

Your blog looks fabulous, Lynne. I think it's interesting how my younger kids are the ones to try to make their owns sandwiches and get into things more. I think they get tired of waiting, and they see the older ones doing it and think they can do it too. I encouraged Max to get his own cereal and drinks, but he really resisted doing it himself. He just wanted me to do it. Even though the younger ones make a big mess, I think it is cute to see them become independant.

Kristi said...

Oh Lynne! Ava looks so busy! Good luck!

Beth said...

I love the new look and the great pictures. Life looks crazy/fun in your world. Your kids are toooo cute.

Leslie said...

Looks like Ava has a lack of attention these days with baby Jake taking her "place?" That girl gets around...I CAN'T BELIEVE she made herself a pb&j. To date, neither of my girls have ever accomplished that and she is waaaay younger!