Sunday, October 18, 2009


This year for Harvest break, I decided to take the kids down to Utah to spend time with my sisters, Tori and Kristi. My kids had a lot of fun hanging out with their cousins for the week. We ended up going to a dollhouse exhibit down in Provo, followed by seeing the "Bean" museum on the BYU campus, it is basically a slew of taxadermied animals. It was quite interesting and the kids were pretty fascinated. We went to Thanksgiving point and went on pony rides. We later went up to Salt Lake to see Stan and Kim and their girls along with Rachel and her girls. Andy also came down with Jeff and Mary. We were sure glad to see him again! We also got to attend the baby blessing of Matt and Chalene's baby, Charlie. All in all, it was a wonderful, refreshing week!

Christian with the Liger

all of the kids togetherThis was cool, it was a giant butterfly made out of all kinds of little butterflies.These girls love to pretend they are twins. They get so excited if they have any matching clothes.

Ava all dressed up and no place to go.
Justin and Ava trying to get a closer look.
Ava's first pony ride.She was concentrating very hard!Addie loved it!

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Dacia said...

No wonder Eva was screaming in the garage the other day because she wanted to go to UT. Looks like you guys had a fun spud harvest while we just harvested spuds--not!