Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So I agree that I am a lame blogger. I have lost my motivation to get on here since I am unable to put any pictures on. Hopefully that will change soon and we can get back to business...that is until the baby is born and then I'll be out again, I am sure. So in the meantime, I will summarize what we have been up to for those of you who may be curious.
Fortunetly, Andy's company seems to be hanging on fine for the moment so we are very grateful that he still has a job! We have seen so many of our friends losing theirs and have been trying to get prepared for that circumstance, just in case. In the meantime, things in that area are fine.
I have been trying to keep up with the different demands of the children and frankly can't wait for school to be out, I love having things on my schedule (and sleeping in until 7:30). I am getting anxious for this baby to get here, I just want to see him and hold him! I love brand newborn babies and I am so excited to have one again!!
Christian just cut his hair, which was one of his trademarks, it turned out nice and it is great to see his beautiful eyes again! He has been reading the Harry Potter series and is just about to finish book #4. He has mastered riding his Ripstick that he got for Christmas and loves to go to the skate park to ride. Christian is playing baseball, his team are the Indians.
Isaac is also really into reading lately and is currently reading the Junie B. Jones books. He loves school thanks to an amazing teacher! So far he has gotten 100% on every spelling test this year. He has just about got his Ripstick figured out. He can go the length of our sidewalk so far. He is in baseball too, the Diamondbacks, an loves it. It will end the end of May.
Addie is very anxious for her 5th birthday next month. She has been making a vocal list of all the things she wants for her birthday for at least 2 months now. I told her she gets one present so every day the 'one' thing changes about 10 times. She gets to get her ears pierced and is super excited about that. She got registered for kindergarten and can hardly wait for it to start. She has been my big helper with Ava and always picks things up for me so that I don't have to bend over. (I must say a lot that it hurts to bend over) She can't wait for this baby to get here, she talks about him all the time. So overall, Addie has some very exciting events coming up!
Ava is finally starting to talk. Everyday she adds some more words to her list. I have noticed that if you try to egg her on to talk, she won't but if it is on her terms, she will. Reminds me of when I've potty trained kids. Anyway, she keeps us all laughing with all of the cute things she does. We tried having her sleep down in Addies bed since she suddenly decided she absoblutly did not like her crib. And fortunetly, she is doing great with the transition! The past few nights she has slept all through the night and today she even went in around 3:00 an put herself down for a nap! I guess she was just helping me out by freeing up the crib in time for the baby to get here!
Overall, things are going very well, no complaints, we feel very blessed!


Jay and Camille said...

OH yea! Thanks for the update on your family. I still can't believe Christian isn't 2 years old. We are going to have to stop by and see you guys next time we are in town.

Camille said...

Yay for Ava! Talking and freeing up the crib. Big accomplishments for a two year old! You have great kids!

Leslie said...

OH, great catch up! That was a very thorough list! We miss you guys, it seems like it's been too long...and I CAN'T believe Addie will be 5. What has this world come to?!

Beth said...

Nice to catch up on your family. Sounds like the kids are all moving along to adulthood.....slow down guys. You're too cute to grow up so fast.