Friday, August 15, 2008


Kristi and Savannah

Page and Adam

Today is my sister Kristi's 30th birthday! We had planned a few years ago to celebrate her birthday by going to Graceland, TN to visit the ol' Elvis homestead. Her birthday also happens to be the anniversary of Elvis' death. So this year there would be an extra 'to do' there since it is the 30th anniversary. But plans changed since they have moved back from Texas and apparently something a little funner has come up. So now she is on an airplane flying to Italy instead. She and her husband are spending 10 days in Italy and Switzerland...sorry Elvis! I love to be around Kristi, any time together is such a treat! She is so full of life and so lovely in every way! Anyway, I hope she has a wonderful day, which I am sure she will! Happy Birthday Kristi, you are a wonderful sister!!!

One of my other sisters, Page is having her 35th birthday this Sunday. It was so fun while growing up to have Kristi and Pages birthdays 2 days apart. Lots of birthday cake and fun!! Page is such a great sister, she was the leader of the girl pack in our house. I love how creative and witty she is. I feel like I learn so much from her whenever I get to be with her. She is so down to earth yet nobody can pull the wool over her eyes, she is amazing. Page got her birthday present a week early this year, with the birth of her 4th baby, Tad. Congratulations!! I have always felt so blessed to have all of my sisters in my life! They each have such a great personality that have added so much to my life. I always tell Andy, my sisters are life a vein that runs through my body, they are a part of me I can't live without!

So happy birthday girls, I love you so very much!!!


Rachel said...

you were absolutely right that you have amazing sisters. your entire family is just outstanding!

happy birthday kristy & page!!!


Kristi said...

What a fun suprise! I certainly didn't expect to find this on your blog! Thanks for the fun note Lynne. I couldn't live without you either.

I love you!