Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sean( AKA: Indy), we decided to step it up a notch in the photography studio.

We were treated to the best homemade pizza by the famous "Papa Sean"

It has been pretty windy this past week so we grabbed some kites and had a fun evening. The wind was so strong though that it ended up destroying each kite.

We took the kids bowling and Hannah and Addie were the ones who had the highest scores from each family.

"Come and get it!" It sure has been fun having my brother Sean and his wonderful kids here from Alaska while Tammy was doing a volleyball camp in Wyoming. I got a glimpse of what it would be like to have 8 kids under 9 years old. What an amazing family they have, it was a pleasure to have them come visit. Thanks for the great memories!


Beth said...

That line up of plates tells the story of a big family. How fun for you to have your brother with you for a while.

Dacia said...

Love the last picture. Now you're ready to add on a few more of your own?! JK It looks like you guys were able to get out of the house. Bummer that the wind destroyed the kites.

Crabtree Family said...

Ok did you photo shop that first picture cause he could really pass as Indy. And all those plates, wow, busy busy busy!

MZB said...

8 kids under the age of 9! WOW now that is dinner

Leslie said...

So, are you going for 8???

Sean is so much fun, I'm sure you guys had a blast! How fun!

Kirsti said...

that looks so tasty!! I am at work and didn't get a chance to eat but I should have learned by now to stay off your blog when I am hungry the cupcakes at the top always kill me!